Xiao Huan


Xiao Huan

Pet Sitter

  • Tainan
  • Updated 4 years ago


A common housewife and dog lover, had 4 years pet sitter experience. Dogs will be unleashed at home except in medical attention. Plenty of space at home, could attend up to 5 large size dogs at the same time. Twice a day will take dogs out for walks. Welcome to visit my facebook, will post photos of your babies from time to time.

In the townhouse community, rows of road trees in front of the house, friendly neighborhood who also dog lover. Nearby Tainan Garden Night Market, three minutes walking distance to school where is the best playground for furry child.

Service items
Feeding, walking and playing. For better adaptation, please bring pet’s own food, treats. Need to be advised your pet’s personality and behavior beforehand. Should require grooming, could arrange reliable 3rd party service including related transportation.

Will use LINE to update kids photos from time to time. Video conference over LINE also viable should it is required.

Accommodation Terms

  1. Could attend all dog types, but have to be informed the most updated physical condition especially for Puppy or Aged dogs
  2. Sorry will not attend dogs suffer from severe separation anxiety or excessive barking.
  3. Should the dog had mild to moderate separation anxiety and reqire more physical exercise, e.g. walking every 1 to 3 hours, extra charge will be required.
  4. Only accept child with regular vaccination, flea medicine to ensure hygienic environment
  5. Suggest to bring pet own toys or blanket to help for better relaxing

Service fee
Small size dog:250~350,Middle size:300~400,Large size: 350~500
Surcharge 50-100 for multiple walks request or fresh foods preparation.

Family member
Including 2 Cats (Mixer + Chinchilla) and 3 Dogs (Golden retriever, Corgi and Dachshund) – two of them are stray dogs, waiting to be adopted

Working hours
Monday to Saturday, 12:00 – 22:00
Reservation is required for Sunday service at least three days in advance


To contact this candidate email we11136987@yahoo.com.tw

Contact using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook